Advantages of mobile lifting platform and use of lift

Update:14 Dec 2019

In the elevator industry, the lifting platform is mainl […]

In the elevator industry, the lifting platform is mainly divided into several categories, including fixed, mobile, traction, vehicle type and so on. Next, I will explain the advantages of the mobile lifting platform.
1. Strong applicability
The height of the legs of the mobile lifting platform can be adjusted freely, which can be used based on steps, stairs and complex terrain; with the help of polyurethane casters, the damage to marble, wood floor and lawn can be avoided; it can enter and exit in narrow space (such as elevator, door, etc.), build and operate; the combination is diverse and the appearance is beautiful.

2. Light equipment and convenient movement
The mobile lifting platform is made of aluminum alloy with high-strength test, which is light in weight, suitable for handling and storage, and has four polyurethane casters, which can be moved freely, convenient to work in various places, and do not worry about crushing the ground.
3. Stable structure
The components of the mobile lifting platform have very high connection strength, very stable, scientific support mechanism design, and the overall structure is safe and stable.

4. Maintenance free and corrosion resistant
The mobile lifting platform does not need maintenance. If it is not used for a long time, it only needs to be lifted and lowered once in half a month. All its components are anti-oxidation, rust free and resistant to chemical corrosion.
Recently, many elevator customers come to the phone for consultation. What kind of elevator is better for the installation and maintenance of road light signal lights? It is convenient to move, small in size, and can be put in the car. How much is the truck mounted hydraulic elevator? The vehicle mounted hydraulic elevator is a kind of high-altitude operation equipment installed on the pickup truck, which is convenient for vehicle flow operation. In short, it is a high-altitude working equipment refitted from the battery of the car body and the hydraulic elevator. Use all kinds of chassis to reinforce the platform underframe. The support legs are divided into hydraulic automatic type and manual screw type.
For the purchase of vehicle mounted hydraulic elevator, the main reference parameters are: lifting height, lifting weight, table size, normal equipment height, rated load. The price depends on the type of hydraulic lift you choose. There are many types of vehicle mounted hydraulic elevators, one is aluminum alloy hydraulic elevator, the other is mobile scissor hydraulic elevator. The installation price of mobile scissor hydraulic elevator is a little more expensive. After all, the latter is a little better in stability and less swing during operation.

How much is the truck mounted hydraulic elevator? For this point, there is no accurate price. Generally speaking, the price of the vehicle mounted hydraulic elevator is about 20000 yuan. The higher the height is, the more expensive the price is. For the specific price, the customer can tell the relevant requirements to the professional staff of the manufacturer. Then the manufacturer of the lifting platform calculates a specific price and makes a detailed quotation, which will mark various expenses and send them to the user.
I. the lifting height of the lifting platform. From the height, the mobile lifting platform can be divided into four meters, six meters, eight meters, 10 meters, 12 meters, 14 meters, 16 meters, 18 meters and 20 meters lifting platform. Generally speaking, the lifting height is the height from the ground plane to the platform of the lifting platform (excluding the height of the guardrail).
2. The load capacity of the lifting platform is generally operated by several people standing on the working platform at height. The load capacity can be divided into 100kg, 200kg, 300kg, 500kg, 1000kg and 1500kg. For example, if two people put some tools on the platform, they can choose 500kg lifting platform.
III. the moving mode of the lifting platform is generally divided into manual traction, battery assisted walking and fully self-propelled walking. The moving mode is selected according to the different working environment and location.