Construction lift airport ground and single column aluminum alloy lift

Update:15 Nov 2019

First of all, we need to check the foundation to see if […]

First of all, we need to check the foundation to see if there is water accumulation, and to see if the grounding system meets the requirements. It is also necessary to see how the structural bolts of the frame are tightened and whether the welds are cracked. We should set them according to the instructions. In mechanical transmission, it can be divided into open type and closed type. Of course, the elevator has a lot of safety equipment.
In the construction elevator, the switch box also has leakage protection equipment. His wires and cables are well insulated, without damage and leakage. The metal threaded is not rusted, and his damage is close to zero. His wire rope should comply with the corresponding configuration requirements, without strand breakage and shrinkage problems, of course, the number of broken wires should not exceed the corresponding standards. His pulley is very flexible
It can be directly raised to a certain height, which is convenient for high-altitude operators to operate. The aluminum alloy lifting platform has life safety when operating at high altitude. Farewell to the traditional operators who tied ropes and swayed around in the air. There is no guarantee of safety
For outdoor operation, such as street lamp changing, glass changing, etc., the aluminum alloy elevator can be directly raised to a fixed height, and 3-5 people can work at the same time
The effect is greatly improved, and the floor area is small, which does not affect the traffic of vehicles and pedestrians
Environmental protection, energy saving, hand shaking rotary table lifting height, aluminum alloy elevator without electricity, no motor, green, environmental protection products
With elevator rescue, engineering, logistics, civil aviation, factories, fire, automobile, and other industries can be used.

At present, the outstanding function of aluminum alloy elevator is too wide. China's aluminum alloy elevator has been imported and exported to foreign countries, which has a certain weight in the world. Because of its practicality, wide use, it has greatly improved in manpower, time and cost, which is in line with the use of modern people.
Single column aluminum alloy elevator: this series of products are indoor type, widely applicable to the high-altitude operation in the halls and workshops of various industries such as star hotels and large supermarkets. It has the advantages of balanced lifting, convenient operation, easy access to the general hall, free access to the elevator, low power consumption, no pollution, no damage to the ground when working, and can be used for wall sticking and protruding operation, with no dead angle. Single column aluminum alloy electric elevator with gantry span accessories is very suitable for the maintenance of theaters, halls, churches, etc
The gantry straddle frame is easy to assemble, labor-saving in operation, flexible in movement, and can span fixed seats and other obstacles with a height of up to 1.1m, and can operate stably on the steps. It is made of high-strength rectangular steel pipe with good rigidity and stability. Equipped with casters, flexible. The span of the two end frame is adjustable, which can meet the requirements of crossing different obstacles. The two ends of the frame are vertical and adjustable, which can be used for operation on a slope or step with a certain gradient
Three column aluminum alloy elevator: three groups of mast support operation platforms rise and fall synchronously, and the support and retreat structure is the same as that of single mast platform, with super load and excellent working stability. The overall lifting platform guardrail device has good strength, greatly reduces the height of the whole machine during transportation, and is very convenient for loading and unloading. It can be assembled or disassembled by one lifting. The elevator has strong carrying capacity and is suitable for two people (can carry certain weight tools and materials) to climb high at the same time. It can also be customized into various non-standard products according to different environments to meet different needs
Four column aluminum alloy elevator: it is made of high-strength aluminum profile. Because of its high strength, it adopts four column structure, with excellent stability, flexible operation, large load, large platform area and convenient implementation. Its lightweight appearance can give full play to the highest lifting capacity in a very small space. Make the deflection and swing of the lifting platform very small. Working at height, such as cleaning at height, etc
Curved arm elevator: the lifting equipment used for high-altitude operation can cross obstacles to carry out high-altitude operation. When the platform is lifted to any position, it can work while walking, with compact structure and flexible turning direction. The width of its site can ensure that the equipment can enter narrow channels and crowded working areas. Standby power device, which can operate the reset of working platform, is convenient for transportation, and can be pulled to any place
Easy to identify operation panel, multiple mechanical, electrical and hydraulic safety protection, advanced integrated hydraulic electrical integrated system. Curved arm aerial vehicle is widely used in the installation, maintenance and climbing operations of municipal, electric power, street lamp, advertisement, communication, photography, garden, transportation, wharf, airport and port, large industrial and mining enterprises and other industries.