Construction of high pier introduced by electric lifting platform

Update:26 Oct 2019

For the first time, the attached single column electric […]

For the first time, the attached single column electric lifting platform is creatively introduced into the construction of high pier, and the hydraulic climbing safety platform is adopted.
For the double column round pier construction safety guarantee system, greatly improved the bridge pier construction safety and construction progress, effectively guaranteed
The project is carried out according to the construction plan.
In the traditional bridge pier construction, we rely on the construction of "Zhi" type artificial ladder to carry out the operation. Slow down Said, people up and down slow, low efficiency, low safety factor.

In the process of climbing, the hydraulic climbing formwork does not need other lifting equipment, and it is also convenient to operate. Its efficiency, safety and carrying capacity have been greatly improved. In addition, the lifting platform installation economy, the use effect is better than the construction elevator.