Cylinder guideway hydraulic elevator

Update:31 May 2019

Sleeve type Cylinder-lined hydraulic elevator is a mult […]

Sleeve type
Cylinder-lined hydraulic elevator is a multi-stage hydraulic cylinder which rises vertically. The high strength material and good mechanical performance of the hydraulic cylinder and the tower trapezoidal bracket make the elevator more stable. Even at an altitude of 20 meters, you can feel its superior stability performance. Applicable occasions: factory buildings, hotels, buildings, shopping malls, stations, airports, stadiums and other major uses: installation and maintenance of power lines, lighting appliances, elevated pipelines, high-altitude cleaning and other single-person work at high altitude.

Guide rail type
Also known as cargo hoist, it is mainly used to transport cargo up and down in various workshops, three-dimensional garage and underground warehouse. The product hydraulic system is equipped with anti-falling, interactive interlocking of upper and lower doors, overload safety protection devices. The operation buttons can be set on the working tables of each floor and lifting platform to achieve multi-point control. The product has strong structure, large carrying capacity, stable lifting, easy installation and maintenance. It is an ideal freight conveying equipment for economic and applicable low-rise interfloor elevators. According to the installation environment and use requirements of the lifting platform, different optional configurations can be selected to achieve better use effect.
Large bearing capacity, multi-point control, interactive interlocking between upper and lower floors; no need to destroy the ground in special occasions, can also be installed on the second floor; high lifting height, the use of side cylinders, durable, long product life; the top floor does not need a computer room, only need the bottom four square space to solve; power outage manual drop, emergency stop button, convenient, fast and practical; according to the site ring; Customized, reasonably priced, economical and practical; multi-storey doors can be connected, the inside and outside of the plant can be poked open each other, convenient and space-saving; indoor and outdoor can be installed, with derricks in special cases.