For professional maintenance or maintenance projects

Update:18 Mar 2019

Regular inspection and maintenance In addition to the i […]

Regular inspection and maintenance
In addition to the inspection work before each use, in order to ensure the life and performance of the machine, it is also necessary to carry out regular inspection and maintenance work.
1. When there is a problem with the operation of the stacker:
a. When you encounter a problem, please discuss with your supervisor or technician and ignore the repair yourself to ensure the safety of the man and machine.
b. For professional maintenance or maintenance projects, please contact the technicians or trained professionals for professional forklift maintenance.
2, maintenance
Daily maintenance: It should be done once a day. The main content is to keep the surface of the car clean, clean the surface of the battery, check whether the power cord is firm, and the chain is tight.
First-level maintenance: once a week, maintenance content In addition to daily maintenance content, it is important to check whether the working conditions of each component are normal, whether the fasteners are loose, whether the chain is tight or not, and whether the chain joint connecting pin is bent or not, Whether the outer door frame moves up and down, whether the hydraulic joint leaks oil, whether the mechanical part has abnormal wear, whether the electric part has abnormal temperature rise and spark, etc., if it is found to be abnormal, it should be adjusted and removed in time.
Secondary maintenance: It should be carried out on schedule and inspected as required.
The above is just a general introduction, and the specific work should be combined with the specific situation. At the same time, once the problem occurs, it must be resolved in time, and no time can be delayed. At the same time, look for professional maintenance units to repair, and do not blindly repair themselves if you are not very professional.