How to keep balance of lifting platform

Update:15 Feb 2020

In order to control and make up the position error of t […]

In order to control and make up the position error of the hydraulic lifting platform, a travel limit switch is set at the lower limit position of the two oil cylinders, so that the two pistons
After a stroke is completed, the position error can be adjusted automatically once to ensure that each restart starts from the zero position, so the position accuracy condition is met.

The principle of load pressure feedback can compensate the change of flow caused by the change of load, and finally reach a new balance. However, it can not automatically compensate the accumulated position error in the dynamic process of load change, and can only control the flow distribution.
Compared with other climbing equipment, the lifting platform is more environmentally friendly. Zero emission, low noise, which undoubtedly conforms to the call of low-carbon environmental protection in today's era, supported by the majority of customers.