Hydraulic Control System and Operating Method of Several Common Platforms

Update:17 May 2019

Because users have different requirements for the platf […]

Because users have different requirements for the platform, the control forms of the platform are different. The hydraulic control systems and operation methods of several commonly used platforms are introduced as follows:

Hydraulic control system of support valve:
Firstly, press the motor start switch, motor rotation, gear pump oil, (note, motor do not reverse) the cylinder is extended, the platform is lifted; when it is lifted to the working height, (or to the highest limit height, it will automatically switch on the stroke switch and stop the lifting.) Press the motor stop button, the platform stops lifting and can work. When descending, press the descending button to connect the electromagnet button. At this time, the return oil of the cylinder is connected, and the platform decreases by its own weight. When it reaches the original position, the power supply is turned off. Emergency switch: directly limited to emergency use. In the rising state, or working state, temporary power outage, power outage, use when falling. (When the hydraulic oil is rotated counter-clockwise, the pressure will be automatically relieved, the cylinder return oil will be connected, and the platform will be reduced to its original height by its own weight.)

Curved arm type
The crank-arm elevator can work overhangingly, across certain obstacles or in one place for multi-point operation; the platform has a large load, which can be operated by two or more people at the same time and can carry certain equipment; the elevating platform has good mobility and convenient transfer site; the appearance is beautiful, and it is suitable for indoor and outdoor operation and storage. Applicable to station, wharf, shopping mall, stadium, residential property, factory and mining workshop and other large-scale operations.
Cylinder Hydraulic Pressure
Cylinder type hydraulic lifting platform is multi-stage hydraulic cylinder vertical lifting, hydraulic cylinder high strength material and good mechanical performance, tower trapezoidal bracket, so that the lifting platform has higher stability. Even at an altitude of 30 meters, you can feel its superior stability. Applicable occasions: factory buildings, hotels, buildings, shopping malls, stations, airports, stadiums and other major uses: installation and maintenance of power lines, lighting appliances, elevated pipelines, high-altitude cleaning and other single-person work at high altitude
Hydraulic pressure of aluminium alloy
Aluminum alloy hydraulic lifting platform is divided into single mast and double mast.
Single mast aluminium alloy lifting platform: using high strength and high quality aluminium alloy material, it has the advantages of beautiful appearance, small size, light weight, stable lifting, safety and reliability. Widely used in factories, hotels, restaurants, stations, theatres, exhibition halls and other places, is the best safety companion for the maintenance of machinery, paint decoration, lighting, electrical appliances, cleaning and maintenance purposes.