IF slip ring introduction and background

Update:03 Apr 2019

A slip ring assembly used to transmit radar IF (tens of […]

A slip ring assembly used to transmit radar IF (tens of megahertz) signals and energy. This slip ring has a high frequency and requires shielding. A normal slip ring can also be used to transmit signals below 12 MHz. One loops the center conductor and the outer layer of a looped cable acts as a shield ring . Transmission of signals above 12 MHz usually uses a coaxial type of shielded slip ring. The slip ring has a trough shape in cross section and is substantially a rectangular coaxial conductor. There is also a capacitive intermediate frequency slip ring (Fig. 3). The center conductor is annular and supported by the insulating pad in the shielding layer. There is a gap between the rotating portion and the fixed portion, which are not in contact with each other, and the intermediate frequency signal is capacitively coupled. In the case where the range of rotation of the antenna is limited, the cable winding device can be used without using a slip ring.

In modern times, in the high-end fields of industrial equipment, there are many requirements for multiple relative movements such as revolution and rotation. That is, while the mechanical device rotates 360° continuously, multiple movements are required on the rotating body. If you have exercise, you need energy, such as electric energy, fluid pressure energy, and so on. Sometimes, you also need to control the signal source, such as fiber optic signals, high-frequency signals, and so on. Any electrical equipment that transmits a 360° electrical component, such as a functional power supply, a weak electrical signal, an optical signal, air pressure, water pressure, or oil pressure, to ensure that the electrical appliance can move freely while rotating. A rotary connection must be used.