Stacker purchase and operation of safety precautions

Update:22 Nov 2018

First, buy Stacker     Stacker is mainly used for loadi […]

First, buy Stacker
    Stacker is mainly used for loading and unloading shelves piled high lifting and cargo.
    Stacker according to use is divided into all-electric forklift trucks, semi-electric stacker, manual stacker car, foot Stacker, Hand Stacker, users can choose according to demand appropriate models. Stacker carrying capacity is generally 0.1 to 1.5 tons, the operating channel width is generally 2.3 to 2.8 meters, and in the door frame structure more than Electric Pallet Truck, Stacker fork lifting height within 4.5 m;
Second, Stacker of rules:

    1, forklift truck operators must be familiar with the general structure and performance of the equipment, the use of non-super-performance equipment.
    2, regular checks Stacker following items:
        (1) Check the Stacker drive means of the control and, if found damaged or defective should be repaired after the operation;
(2) Check the Stacker overhead guard, backrest, all kinds of switches, operating handle, pedals, wheels and fasteners;
(3) Stacker maintain the appropriate startup speed startup. Observe the voltmeter, if the voltage is below the limit, the truck should be stopped immediately note the drive system, steering system, the sound is normal, abnormal sound Stacker found to timely troubleshooting, prohibited ill operation.
(4) Stacker handling load should not exceed a predetermined value, the fork must be fully inserted beneath the cargo, and cargo evenly on the forks were not allowed to pick a single prong;
(5) Stacker smoothly starting, steering, driving, braking and stop in wet or slippery surfaces shall turn deceleration;
(6) Stacker with the promotion should not be at the same time,
(7) Stacker with should pay attention to pedestrians, obstacles and potholes; people are not allowed to stand on the forks are not allowed on board manned;
(8) No person standing or walking under the forks in the fork; do not carry fixed or loose stacking of goods, careful handling larger size goods; the truck must not exceed the maximum load exercise
Stacker under (9) generally can not walk and lift the motor while the motor, otherwise the battery will discharge current is too large, reduce efficiency, of life;
(10) Do not let Stacker power is exhausted to the forklift can not move, only to charge, it would shorten the battery life; battery with high voltage and energy, do not let the tool close to the battery poles, avoid sparks or short circuit; truck while walking, do not allow flip the switch to change the direction of travel direction, to prevent burn damage to electrical components and gear.