Introduction to conductive slip rings

Update:27 Apr 2019

Conductive slip ring The conductive slip ring belongs t […]

Conductive slip ring
The conductive slip ring belongs to the application range of electrical contact sliding connection. It is also called collector ring, or rotary joint, rotating electrical interface, slip ring, collector ring, return ring, coil, commutator, adapter, which realizes two A precise power transmission device for images, data signals and power transmission of a relative rotating mechanism. It is especially suitable for applications where unlimited continuous rotation is required while transferring power or data from a fixed position to a rotating position.

Conductive slip ring
It consists of elastic materials - brushes, sliding contact surface materials - conductive rings, insulating materials, bonding materials, composite brackets, precision bearings, dust covers and others.
Auxiliary parts and the like.
The brush is made of precious metal alloy material, and the "II" type is symmetrically double-contacted with the conductive ring groove. The elastic pressure of the brush is in sliding contact with the conductive ring groove to transmit signals and current.
Precision conductive slip rings are high-tech products that have long been used in cutting-edge military applications and are key components for precision turntables, centrifuges and inertial navigation equipment.
These products have gradually been transformed from military products into civilian products. In recent years, they have achieved standardization and mass production, and are widely used in security, factory automation, power, finance, instrumentation, aviation, military, transportation, construction and other mechanical and electrical equipment. on.