Maintenance of self-propelled elevators should be regularly lubricated

Update:30 Sep 2019

During the development of the self-propelled elevator, […]

During the development of the self-propelled elevator, in order to ensure that the elevating platform is used under safe conditions and keep in touch with relevant regulations, the elevating platform is specially formulated and the safety operation rules are formulated.
Professional operators who are qualified and certified to work on lifting platforms are required. Operators working on lifting platforms should fasten their seatbelts. When working in live area, the body should be grounded according to regulations. The climbing operation of the lifting platform shall be directed by the operator, who shall communicate with the operator of the lifting platform according to the GB5082 standard signal. The announcement signal should be clear and accurate.
Safe and convenient use of self-propelled elevator
Self-propelled elevators usually raise the lower arm first, then the middle arm and the upper arm. During the reverse operation of the lifting platform, the lower arm must be reversed after high lifting. The conversion reaction is very slow. Please note that the distance between the shear arm and the platform meets the safety requirements of each device.

Therefore, before the lifting platform works, the operator should provide the operator with operational skills and safety information, including: work content and requirements; safety issues and hazards; division of labor and scope of responsibility. Operators must check not only the condition of vehicles and operators, but also the terrain environment, whether takeoff and landing meet safety skills or pre-defined operational plans. If there is income and expenditure, the corresponding methods should be developed before the start of business.
The maintenance of self-propelled elevator should be regularly lubricated: during the use of self-propelled elevator, due to the relatively large load, the friction between the components is also relatively large, especially the elevator chain and elevator shaft pin, to ensure the appropriate amount of lubricant before each use, to ensure flexible operation and non-sticking. If the elevator is running, once the "O" frictional sound is found, it can be basically concluded that the lack of lubricating oil in the self-propelled elevator, it is necessary to stop working immediately, find out the reasons, can not be forced to work, which may lead to unexpected potential dangers. Summary: Maintenance of self-propelled elevators should be regularly lubricated, not mandatory.