Precautions for use of ball screw elevator and screw elevator

Update:21 Jan 2020

We all know the wide application of the ball screw elev […]

We all know the wide application of the ball screw elevator. In the process of use, in order to ensure that the ball screw elevator can play its role to the maximum value and have more use value, the ball screw elevator is mainly suitable for high-speed and high-frequency environment. Other advantages of the product are as follows:

1. Suitable for high-speed, high-frequency and high-performance devices, mainly composed of precision ball screw pair and high-precision worm gear pair.
2. High efficiency: the use of rolling friction improves the use efficiency of the whole machine. A very large driving force can be generated only by a small driving source.
3. High speed: compared with ordinary trapezoid screw, the running speed is greatly improved, and it can be easily adjusted and operated.
4. Long service life: the use of high-quality ball screw pairs, so that its working life than ordinary trapezoidal screw increased by more than three times.
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Principle of ball screw:
1. According to the national standard GB / t17587.3-1998 and its application examples, the ball screw elevator is used to convert the rotary motion into the linear motion, or the linear motion into the executive component of the rotary motion, and has high transmission efficiency, accurate positioning, etc
2. When the ball screw elevator is used as the driving body, the nut will change into a straight-line movement according to the lead of the corresponding specification with the rotation angle of the screw. The passive workpiece can be connected with the nut through the nut seat, so as to realize the corresponding straight-line movement.
Features of ball screw:
1. Compared with the sliding screw pair, the driving torque of the lift is 1 / 3
2. High precision guarantee of ball screw
3. Ball screw micro feed possible
4. No side gap and high rigidity of ball screw
5. Ball screw high speed feed possible.
1. The screw rod part of the screw rod elevator is also moving for a long time in the use process. Although the movement speed is slow, the lubrication of the screw rod is also essential. In the lubrication of the screw rod, we recommend using grease lubrication. Because the grease has a strong sticky type, when the operation speed is not fast, it can be said that the grease is applied to the whole screw rod in the use process Medium for better lubrication.
2. During the use of screw elevator, many models need to be replaced or added with lubricating oil. If the use frequency is relatively frequent, the lubricating oil of worm gear case should be replaced once in less than one month.

3. Different models of screw elevator make different lubricant filling. If the frequency of use is too high, the customer must use liquid industrial gear oil. If the industrial lubricating lithium grease is used, the lubrication effect will be greatly reduced, and it is easy to generate heat and other problems, so that the worm gear pair will wear too fast. 0000 × industrial lithium grease is used. When the elevator is not used frequently, industrial lithium grease can play a good role in lubrication.
(1) According to the elevator type selected by the customer, make site preparation.
For the elevator with screw rod movement, the installation space of tail pipe shall be reserved on site according to the length of tail pipe (the structure of deep excavation pit or welded steel structure support can be used).
(2) Keep the height of each unit center one lifting platform
According to the elevator, steering gear, motor and other models selected by the customer, determine the center height difference of each unit, then select the appropriate base plate according to the difference, and make sure that each input shaft and output shaft are at the same level.
(3) Ensure the coaxiality of each input and output shaft
When coupling and connecting rod are used to connect each unit, the coaxiality shall be calibrated and there shall be no inclination, contest, etc.; when flexible coupling is connected, the floating amount shall not exceed the allowable range of coupling, and when rigid connection, the form and position tolerance of each installation connection shall be ensured.
(4) Ensure the horizontal position of each installation surface
During the installation, it is necessary to level the installation surface, ensure that the screw rod is absolutely vertical to the installation surface, and do not tilt.
(5) Installation of support platform
Before the installation of the platform, the mounting surface (or nut mounting surface) of the screw rod shall be adjusted to the same horizontal height, and the mounting surface shall also be kept horizontal. At the same time, each mounting hole (or nut mounting hole) at the head of the screw rod shall be adjusted to the position aligned with the mounting hole of the support platform before the installation of the support platform. During platform installation, it is forbidden to apply external lateral force to the screw rod, which only bears axial force.
(6) During the design and installation of the lifting box, the rigidity of the box under the static load and impact load of the worm gear box shall be considered, and the reasonable installation shall be carried out to avoid damage to the installation hole of the box.

(7) Guide installation
During the installation of the platform, the guide device shall be installed reasonably according to the requirements of the site working conditions to ensure that no radial force can be applied to the screw rod, and the movement direction of the guide device shall be parallel to the movement direction of the screw rod.