Safety equipment of mobile elevator is planned according to different safety requirements

Update:06 Sep 2019

The hydraulic pipeline of mobile elevator is also a ver […]

The hydraulic pipeline of mobile elevator is also a very important part of checking the smooth flow of hydraulic pipeline. It is important to check whether each hydraulic valve includes one-way globe valve, solenoid reversing valve, proportional control valve, safety valve, etc., whether blocked or stuck. If there is any problem, please clean or replace the hydraulic valve in time; only check the hydraulic system pressure when the mobile elevator can not start through the load. If the pressure is below the normal range, the safety valve setting can be adjusted; after using hydraulic oil for a long time, the hydraulic oil may be contaminated or deteriorated. If necessary, take samples to check for solid particles, discoloration, odor and hydraulic oil.
Hydraulic control system of mobile elevator combined with microelectronics technology has become intelligent. Elevators sometimes break down. If operators can check and find problems themselves, they can save a lot of time and improve productivity. To do self-examination, the precondition is to understand the reasons for thorough removal of obstacles.

Firstly, the mechanical operation of mobile elevator should be smooth and smooth: rough mechanical operation should be avoided, otherwise impact loads will be generated, resulting in frequent mechanical failures, greatly shortening the service life. The impact load generated during operation results in wear, fracture and fracture of mechanical structural components in the early stage. On the one hand, impact pressure is generated in the hydraulic system, and impact pressure causes damage to hydraulic components, and pressure oil pressure and high-pressure tubing joints and rubber pipes. If the oil leaks prematurely or bursts, the safety valve usually increases the oil temperature.
The safety equipment of mobile elevator is planned according to different safety requirements. There are fence threshold, cage threshold limit, door limit, limit switch, upper and lower limit switch, counterweight rope breaking protection switch, etc. In order to save some power supply of limit switches, some construction sites have been cancelled and short-circuited or damaged. Correct, it is equivalent to canceling these safety lines, planting hidden dangers, such as: in order to load long things, there is no need to extend the cage outside the cage, artificially remove the threshold or ceiling restrictions. If the above safety equipment is imperfect or essential, manned loading can still be carried out. Work makes people's lives mischievous. In order to prevent hidden dangers, I hope to use the leadership of the unit to strengthen management, strictly require mobile elevator maintenance and operators to regularly check the safety and reliability of various safety switches, Dugan incident.