Sliding ring is mostly used in high-end industrial electrical equipment

Update:19 Apr 2019

Sliding ring is mostly used in high-end industrial elec […]

Sliding ring is mostly used in high-end industrial electrical equipment or precision electronic equipment with multi-function, high performance, high precision and multi-element continuous rotating motion, such as space equipment, radar communication equipment, medical equipment, automatic processing equipment, smelting equipment, mining equipment, cable equipment, amusement equipment, display equipment, intelligent camera, chemical reaction kettle, crystal furnace, wire strand.

Wire machine, windmill, mechanical arm, robot, shield machine, revolving door, measuring instrument, model, special automobile, special ship, etc. Sliding rings provide reliable energy and signal transmission schemes for these electromechanical devices to achieve complex motion. It can also be said that the sliding ring is the symbol of advanced intelligent sports equipment.
Sliding rings can also be made into various special shapes according to their usage, such as mixed transmission power supply, light source, fluid pressure source, or equipped with other electrical components, such as special shape, super-large shape, connecting gears, sprockets, pulleys, plugs, power and light source mixing, power and pressure fluid mixing, equipped with light, electricity, sound, temperature sensor, optical fiber transceiver, voltage. Force meters, pneumatic components, etc. are combined into a multi-functional electrical component assembly to achieve the special requirements of space saving and simplified design structure.