The device attached to the lift freight elevator can be configured to perform any combination as needed

Update:23 Sep 2019

The focus of the lift freight elevator installation wor […]

The focus of the lift freight elevator installation work is actually these configurations. If you want to make sure that the entire installation is not accidental, first understand how to install it. In fact, the installation of the lift freight elevator is very simple. If you still have some unclear points, you can check out the introduction below.

The lift freight elevator is located inside the cabinet and consists of a motor, a reducer and a rack and pinion. The gears on the output shaft of the reducer extend out of the box, engage the frame mounted on the tower, and move up and down with the housing. There is a control system inside the box that the operator can operate at will. The attachment is located at the top of the cabinet and is a small or mobile small mobile crane.

During the festival, the box rises from the tower and the lift freight elevator uses a crane to lift the standard components to the top of the tower, completing the linking process. In order to ensure the safe operation of the lift, speed limit brake, travel limit switch, door protection switch and so on. Compared with ordinary freighter rack and pinion transmission, it has the characteristics of fast construction speed, fast construction speed, safety and reliability, and one-time use. It is especially suitable for high-rise building construction.

The means for attaching the elevator cargo lift may be configured to perform any combination as desired, such as a safety device for securing the hydraulic lift. Electrical control method; work platform form; power supply form. By properly configuring the various configurations, Harbin Elevator can play the function of the elevator to a large extent and achieve the effect.

At present, with the needs of urban modernization and development, the proportion of high-rise buildings in construction projects is increasing. Construction workers and materials can transport construction lifts (dual-use goods) vertically, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of construction workers and effectively improves production efficiency. It has become an indispensable equipment protection in the construction of high-rise buildings.

However, just because it can make people fluctuate, once an accident occurs at a high altitude, it is difficult for people working on escalating freight elevators to escape. Due to accidents directly causing casualties, the escalator is mostly large or super large. In the case of large-scale casualties, the frequency of such accidents has been high in recent years. and so. Proper installation and use of lift freight elevators to identify and resolve problems in production, eliminate hidden dangers, prevent embryo accidents, and ensure the safety of life and property is a priority.