The difference between palletizer and palletizing robot

Update:18 Feb 2019

The palletizing machine adopts frequency conversion mot […]

The palletizing machine adopts frequency conversion motor, frequency conversion speed regulation and computer control, and the transmission is stable, smooth and reliable. The international advanced automatic control technology, mechatronics technology, network technology, computer control automatic operation. Reciprocating cycle automatic stacking code meets the setting requirements . The principle of the code box machine is a layer of workpiece on which the workpiece on the board meets the requirements of the pallet.

In short, the palletizing robot should belong to one of the palletizers.
However, there are some significant differences between the two compared to conventional palletizers.
The ordinary palletizer mainly adopts a series of actions such as pallet side pushing and other methods for palletizing and conveying. The robot code machine is mainly based on the robot on the device for palletizing, that is, the robot on the device makes the palletizing robot much better than the palletizing machine.
Compared to ordinary palletizers, palletizing robots have some unique advantages. The flexibility of the palletizing robot is better, especially the adaptability to the product is relatively high, and the range of palletizing can be wider and more efficient. In particular, some automated production lines require palletizing robots.
Of course, some industrial packaging industries, logistics and warehousing industries, as well as various industrial production industries, need to use palletizers. Because palletizers are more stupid and inefficient, they will be replaced by palletizing robots. The efficiency of the company's palletizing can also reduce the cost of palletizing.
In fact, whether it is a palletizing robot or an ordinary palletizing machine, it can become a good assistant in the production line of enterprise code machines. It not only improves the efficiency of the company's palletizing, but also improves the production and sales efficiency of the company. It also has a direct impact on the improvement of production efficiency of enterprises.
However, if the code is compared with the palletizing robot, the palletizing robot will definitely provide the production efficiency of the enterprise. With the continuous development of the palletizing robot, more and more enterprises will choose to use the palletizing robot in the future.
Both the palletizing robot and the palletizer have made an important contribution to our production.