What are the technical characteristics of the mobile scissor lift?

Update:09 Nov 2019

With the continuous development of China's economy, new […]

With the continuous development of China's economy, new technology, new situation and new coefficient, many companies have a new round of height in the elevator machinery industry. In this aspect, they can make certain contributions to the development of the country, and can improve their own brand strength and new standards of the machinery industry. Therefore, for companies, they must give priority to introducing some production workers The whole CNC cutting process of high-density mass production, and to create high-quality lifting, low price machine sales create a new starting point for the elevator industry, only to make high-quality elevator which has influence in China, so for the elevator company, innovation is very important, and the technology also needs to be improved. The technical characteristics of the mobile scissor lift need to be improved, so for the lift, the technical requirements are also different.

The main technical features of the new type of mobile scissor lift are: bending of the steel plate on the table, customized high-strength rectangular pipes for the underframe and scissor structure, standard cold bending sitting track, using nylon slider as the guide wheel, large contact area, stable lifting and small shaking, which can improve the safety performance. Moreover, the built-in anti explosion method of the hydraulic cylinder can improve the safety performance, make it durable and do not leak the double-layer steel network high-pressure oil pipe. In addition, the special hydraulic pump for lifting operation platform, so the built-in overflow valve can be controlled manually when the platform is powered off, which can prevent the system from overload protection when the system pressure is too high during the upward movement, so corresponding measures should be taken for various connections of circuit electrical appliances. Therefore, the technical requirements for the new elevator will be higher, so for the company, we must speed up the control of this technology.
At the same time, the new type of mobile scissor elevator also needs to protect various circuits, electric up and down electric control buttons and emergency lifting control buttons to protect financial security and personal safety. In addition, safe voltage shall be used for each part of operation, and shot blasting and sand blasting shall be carried out to remove rust and welding spatter on the surface of steel structure. That is to say, the surface of steel parts is uneven to a certain extent and the effect increases more adhesion, which is very important for the development of elevator.