What should the lifting platform pay attention to?

Update:06 Mar 2020

The safety guarantee measures of the lifting platform m […]

The safety guarantee measures of the lifting platform mainly come from two aspects: on the one hand, measures shall be taken from the design and manufacture to improve the safety technical characteristics of the lifting platform; on the other hand, strict operation procedures shall be followed in the maintenance process to ensure the normal operation of the lift under good technical conditions.

Many technologies in the world, such as automatic control photoelectric switch, have been widely used in the design of various safety devices. Therefore, when designing and manufacturing the lifting platform, we should actively adopt advanced and reliable modern safety technology according to the characteristics of the product.

The lifting platform products are divided into curved arm hydraulic elevator, scissor hydraulic elevator, mast hydraulic elevator and straight arm hydraulic elevator according to the working mode. Hydraulic elevator is a new generation product of folding arm elevator (lifting platform) and scissor elevator (lifting platform). It can be widely used in station, wharf, airport, hotel, post and telecommunications, municipal garden, grain depot, cleaning company, decoration of public building facade, decoration or installation and maintenance of power system, etc. The elevator has the advantages of light weight, self walking, electric starting, self-supporting legs, simple operation, large working surface, especially being able to cross obstacles for high-altitude operation.

Lifting goods elevator is a kind of goods lifting equipment with good lifting stability and wide range of application, which is mainly used for goods transportation between the height difference of production line; materials are on-line and off-line; when assembling workpieces, it can be adjusted according to the use requirements, and can be equipped with auxiliary devices to carry out any combination, such as fixed lifting platform.

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