Why do elevators often use hydraulic transmission

Update:12 Oct 2019

Why do elevators often use hydraulic transmission? Elev […]

Why do elevators often use hydraulic transmission? Elevators are "sharp tools" for high-altitude operations, and they are indispensable tools for modern construction. In power selection
Pneumatic transmission, electric pole, hydraulic transmission and motor can be used. At present, hydraulic transmission is mostly used. Here's an explanation for you. Hydraulic transmission

Because the hydraulic elevator drive needs oil source, its structure is relatively large and complex, and it pollutes the environment to a certain extent; the pneumatic device is generally fast and difficult to be full.
Fully meet the design requirements for speed; the electric pole has simple structure, small occupancy space, but no price advantage. Therefore, the battery is used as the power source of the lift, and the DC motor is reduced.
The speed reducer is transmitted directly to other mechanical devices.
Lifting elevators are used for various auxiliary components, which greatly increases the cost of our products, but in order to ensure the safety of our customers, these are
Sacrifice is worth it. Therefore, it is a wise choice for customers to choose enterprises with quality assurance and old qualifications.