Fully Electric Pallet Truck

Fully Electric Pallet Truck Details

Model Number SEPT-15
Rated Capacity (Q) kg 1500
Load Center (C) mm 600
Max Fork Height (H4) mm 200
Min Fork Height (H3) mm 85
Handle Height (H1) mm 1200
Frame Height (H2) mm 75
Fork Size (1xn) mm 1150x160
Fork Width (E) mm 570 (680)
Min.Turning Radius (Wa) mm 1450
Wheel Base (Y) mm 1270
Front-Wheel Distance (X) mm 200
Max.speed without load km/h 4~5
Max.speed with load km/h 3.5~4
Max.travel Grade % 8~10
Driving Motor v/kw 24/0.65
Lifting Motor v/kw 24/0.8
Battery v/Ah 12x2/60
Charger v/A 24/10
Overall Length (A) mm 1630
Overall Width (B) mm 700
Overall Height (C) mm 1200
Overall Net Weight kg 220

*The factory reserves the amending right for the materials, And technical specifications.


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