Self-propelled Aluminium Work Platform

Self-propelled Aluminium Work Platform Details

Model Number SJY0.5-6 SJY0.5-7.5
Max. Platform Heigh mm 7500 9000
Max. Machine height mm 9000 10500
Min. Platform Height mm 680 680
Ground clearance mm 20 20
Lift Rated Capacity kg 2200 150
Platform size mm 1000x700x1100
Max. Drive Speed (platform Stowed) km/h 3~4
Max.Drive Speed (platform Elevated) km/h


Minimum turn radius mm 1800
Max. Climbing Capacity % 20
Directional Wheel Size in Φ 305x100
Driving Wheel Size mm Φ 305x100
Driver Motor v/kw 2x2.4/0.5
Lifting Motor v/kw 24/2.2
Battery v/Ah 2x12/150
Charger v/A 24/15
Pothole protection system / Mechanical control
Overall Length mm 1700
Overall Width mm 1000
Overall Height mm 2000 2100
Overall Net Weight kg 1100 1250

*The factory reserves the amending right for the materials, And technical specifications.

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